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Johnny Kniga

Johnny Kniga, founded in 2002, publishes books both for non-readers and devourers of literature. Johnny Kniga is an imprint of Werner Söderström Ltd – WSOY. It is the WSOY popcorn bag: a light and easygoing yet carefully built mixture of irritating subculture, quality fiction with a twist, and non-fiction works of baffling popularity. Names on the Kniga list include Jo Nesbø, Madventures, A. W. Yrjänä, Tapio Koivukari, and The Dudesons.

Mr. Jaakko Pietiläinen
+358 10 5060 160

Bonnier Rights

Bonnier Rights is a literary agency that sells foreign-language publishing rights to high-quality Finnish fiction, children’s books, YA, and illustrated and narrative non-fiction. Bonnier Rights Finland represents selected authors and illustrators who work with the publishers that make up Werner Söderström Ltd, a subsidiary of the international media house Bonnier. Bonnier Rights also represents film rights on behalf of selected authors.

Our worldwide contacts and broad experience in negotiating and licensing translation rights in different language areas, either directly or through professional subagents, guarantee the authors and their books the best possible publishers abroad. Opening new doors in international publishing is our core activity in paving the way for Finnish authors into new and devoted homes all over the world.

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