About us

Johnny Kniga

Johnny Kniga, founded in 2002, publishes books both for non-readers and devourers of literature. Johnny Kniga is the WSOY popcorn bag: a light and easygoing yet carefully built mixture of irritating subculture, quality fiction with a twist, and non-fiction works of baffling popularity. Names on the Kniga list include Jo Nesbø, Madventures, A. W. Yrjänä, Tapio Koivukari and The Dudesons.

Werner Söderström Corporation – WSOY

WSOY publishes a wide range of Finnish and translated literature, fiction and non-fiction, for all age groups. Founded in 1878, WSOY is a household name in Finland as the publisher of a great many classic Finnish authors. WSOY strives to be the vanguard of Finnish literature, to discover and to publish the very best of writing both in Finland and the world at large. WSOY nurtures its great literary heritage and works to keep books and reading at the heart of the Finnish way of life.

WSOY is owned by Bonnier and it is a part of the Bonnier Books business area. Bonnier Books has publishing companies around the world, i.e. the UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Poland, the USA and Finland. The Head of Books is Mr Jacob Dalborg and the CEO of WSOY Publishers is Mr Timo Julkunen.

WSOY shares the common values of the Bonnier Group which are Passion for Publishing, Power of the Individual, Freedom of Speech and Commitment of a Family Company. In addition to these, WSOY places emphasis on Creativity, Open-mindedness and Courage.